Who needs an MCS device?

Patients in heart failure are candidates for a heart transplant. While they are on the waiting list, some individuals may need short-term MCS support prior to the heart transplant. Unfortunately, not all end-stage heart failure patients qualify for a heart transplant. These patients may need more long-term support.

MCS devices are used to achieve one of two objectives. They can either act as a bridge to transplant or as a long-term destination therapy.

  • Bridge to transplant

    An MCS device can help a patient while they wait for a donor heart, which can take time. It takes over the work of the heart prior to a heart transplant.

  • Long-term destination therapy

    If the patient is not a candidate for a transplant, these devices can support the functioning of the heart long-term.

Types of MCS devices

MCS devices are either short-term temporary or long-term durable devices. The right device is chosen based on the symptoms of the patient and the seriousness of their condition.

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